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Wednesday July 17, 2024



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Neville Weeks We are holding a wake for Neville on Friday July 26 at 1:00 p.m.
All are welcome.
Neville Weeks Tribute by
John Hope

(supplied by Stephen Hope)

We should look back to the many years when Neville was the go to person.
Very few of our current members are aware of the contribution he made to the club’s success, many only saw an ageing and physically worn person who still tried to be of use, albeit with lack of movement and the potential to fall on the job and who did not want to relinquish his role at the clubhouse which had become his virtual home away from home.
Before golf Neville was a member of the Sheffield Cricket Club with life membership awarded for coaching and mentoring the club's junior players.
Neville was a competent golfer having particular skill with iron play like all refugees from cricket.
His first contribution came with his election as club captain, this position held for 19 years, players looked forward to end of day announcement of results accompanied by a new joke and maybe controversial statements. Then he became the long standing licensee looking after the refreshment needs of the thirsty players, making sure that our need for hot pies were met and there were ample milk and coffee available, always there to open the club and to securely lockup clubhouse and gates at the end of day, sometimes returning later to make sure all was secure.
For a time Neville also mowed the greens and would be seen raking and burning especially the area between 7th and 8th fairways.
Neville became well versed in interpretation of the R and A rules and his decisions were accepted without debate.
Recognition of his contribution should be made. The Sheffield Golf Club has had along list of hard working and devoted members and Neville Weeks is right up there.


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