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Wednesday June 03, 2020



Do you know the rules of Golf?


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Following the Committee meeting held on Thursday May 21st 2020 expressions of interest are being called for the position of Treasurer of The Sheffield Golf Club Inc.

The new treasurer will be required to fill the duties of Treasurer as set out in the document ďTREASURERíS ROLEĒ first tabled at this meeting and in the Constitution.

A copy of the document can be obtained from the secretary.

Neville Pulford


   SGC Inc.




As of Monday June 1, the Tasmanian State Government has set new regulations around playing golf while strictly adhering to social distancing principles.
The course is now open for competitions, provided there are no more than four players per hole (a maximum of thirty-six on the course at any one time), and social distancing rules are followed. The clubhouse remains closed (apart from competition-management personnel), and there should be no more than ten in any social group.
Note that parking is permitted near the buggy-storage area.

It is still recommended that those over the age of 70 should remain at home, that is, donít play golf.

Note that Golf Australia remains of the view that golf is a non-essential activity, a view which sits comfortably with the current Federal Government directive and rules to ďstay at homeĒ unless absolutely necessary.



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