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Thursday April 19, 2018



Do you know your rules?


I have been remiss in not announcing the results of the Ladies' Singles Championship:
Congratulations to Greta Mitchell, our Club Champion, and to Diane Smith, our Nett Champion. (Greta just edged out Susie by one stroke for the gross, and Diane pipped Janice by one stroke!)





We have decided to purchase OneGolf with MiScore software (which includes a scorecard scanner) so it won't be long before competition results and handicapping are handled automatically by computer.

For some details on the new system, look up the Talking Points menu item (under the Home menu).


The second round of the Men's Singles Championship was abandoned due to the weather conditions, and the competition will be completed by running the planned 3rd and 4th rounds as 27-hole competitions.


Visitors are welcome to take advantage of our very low green fees on most days, provided that any competitions are not disrupted. Check out the Fixtures menu for details of competitions. All of our fees can be found under the Club Info menu on this site.


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